Best Fish Finder GPS Combo for the Money

It is six in the morning, and you are on your way to the rock pile your friend excitedly told you about weeks ago. Problem is you cannot find it. You are pretty sure you got it right, but it has nowhere in sight, and you already wasted precious time trying to locate it. With the help of the fish finder GPS combo, you can solve this incredibly frustrating situation.

Some fishermen, especially those who are not tech savvy, may find this device intimidating. However, a fish finder is simply a small computer with built-in software designed specifically to show what is going on under and around your boat. These can help you find that perfect spot with ease and accuracy that would take just half of the time it would normally take you.

Standalone fish finders can do the job well, they are composed of the fish finder head unit and a transducer. A fish finder with a GPS receiver can do the job better because it charts your position and track on top of a map. If you are confused on what to get for your next fishing expedition, we have compiled a list of the best fish finder GPS combos on the market today.


Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Insight Display


This Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Insight Display has amazing features that are too many to list, so we will just tell you about the best parts. First up, its WVGA color TFT LCD widescreen touchscreen has a split-screen view function that allows the simultaneous viewing of four elements. It gives you 180-degree views of the various fish and structures beneath your boat. The antenna is pretty accurate, its TrackBack feature lets you review and save hotspots, its Broadband Sounder displays and marks fish and water structures even at very high speeds, and many others.


  • Internal temperate sensor and thermocline detector
  • Has a 300 feet depth ability
  • Incredible touch-screen performance
  • Equipped with 5 Hz internal GPS antenna
  • Comes with Broadband Sounder and StructureScan HD


  • Expensive


Simrad GO7 XSE Chartplotter/Fishfinder


The Simrad fish finder has amazing navigating abilities that track and displays vital information that you need to plan a safe and productive trip. Its widescreen uses a bright LED light offers a sharp display that still previews readable data even in bright sunlight. It has several charting features such as giving out readings from as deep as 1,000 feet via short pulse lengths and wide-frequency band detectors.


  • Comes with a full-featured Chartplotter
  • With Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Equipped with 2D CHIRP, StructureScan
  • Uses Tripintel technology
  • User-friendly touchscreen display


  • Uses only a transom mount for the transducer


Raymarine Dragonfly Pro CHIRP Fish Finder


All that you could ever need or want in a fish finder is in the Raymarine Dragonfly Pro, no more need to buy additional accessories. Weighing just less than 4 pounds, it is lightweight, compact, and portable; you can quickly move it from one spot to another. It uses sonar GPS that tracks your location and lets you save your history so you can go back to your favorite spots easily.


  • Uses Spectrum CHIRP Technology
  • With built-in GPS and Navionics+
  • Has Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Employs the Compressed High-Intensity Radar Pulse
  • Up-to-date US and Canada charts


  • Has a short cable


Humminbird 409920-1 HELIX 9 Sonar GPS Fishfinder


This Humminbird 409920-1 HELIX 9 Sonar GPS Fish finder has a 9-inch color TFT widescreen with an excellent resolution that gives you clear and crisp images. You will know exactly where the fish are and how extensive they are in the water. This Hummingbird Helix 9 has smart features to distinguish fish from other sea bodies. It has a very reliable navigation feature that allows you to go to unfamiliar territories without the fear of getting lost.


  • Equipped with Dual Beam PLUS and SwitchFire Sonar
  • Uses surround, 360 imaging technology
  • GPS Chartplotting enabled
  • Has a built-in Humminbird ContourXD map
  • Comes with Ethernet networking capabilities


  • The installed charts are limited


Simrad GO9 XSE Chartplotter/Fishfinder


The Simrad GO9 XSE has a user-friendly widescreen interface display that gives you vivid images in full WVGA color and a high pixel resolution. You can quickly locate schools of fish and see what is on the lake, river, or ocean bottom. It can determine the depth, bottom type, locate fish with its advanced echosounder technologies. You can use it with NMEA compliant devices that provide you with data such as fuel levels, heading, and engine information.


  • Has Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Boasts of a full 9-inch diagonal LCD display
  • Customizable home screen
  • Comes with a built-in Echosounder
  • Has NMEA 2000 connectivity


  • Doesn’t support NOAA Charts


Garmin Striker 4 Built-in GPS Fish Finder


The Garmin Striker 4 is an ideal gadget if you plan on doing some kayak boat fishing. It is resistant to water and can withstand up to half an hour of immersion of up to 1 meter. The 3.5-inch color display is easy to read and has a keypad that is user-friendly. It provides you with your history of sonar images to guide you when you want to revisit a favorite spot.


  • Has a built-in high sensitivity GPS
  • Equipped with CHIRP sonar
  • Comes with the Fish Symbol ID feature
  • Water-resistant
  • High-resolution screen


  • Slightly smaller screen size


Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3 Touch/Sonar GPS Combo


Lowrance HDS-7 Gen3 Touch/Sonar GPS Combo has a high-quality GPS receiver and navigational software that lets you plan routes and alerts you of potential hazards. It also has built-in CHIRP sonar that lets you see baitfish and game fish targets, mark them and structure at high speeds and great depths. It is equipped with the Insight Genesis software that lets you configure and customize your own maps, along with the recorded sonar, or use the maps created by other fishers.


  • GoFree cloud-enabled
  • Uses the StructureScan HD sonar technology
  • Sensitive GPS antenna
  • Comes with SmartSteer control
  • Pre-loaded with Insight USA charts for inland and coastal waters


  • Too high-tech for novice fishers


Raymarine Dragonfly-5 Pro Sonar/GPS


With the Raymarine Dragonfly-5 Pro, you can send data from the device to your smartphone or laptop with its built-in Wi-Fi capability. It comes with charts that cover North American waters as well as all Canadian lakes. Its 72-channel internal GPS lets you save waypoints and tracks, boasting a large capacity of 3,000 waypoints, and 15 tracks with 10,000 points each.


  • Equipped with a high-quality, 5-inch, all-weather HD LED-backlit display
  • Has 3,000 waypoints of internal storage
  • Comes with Navionics+ charts
  • Has a built-in Wi-Fi
  • Employs the DownVision Technology


  • Slightly on the high-priced side


Humminbird Helix 5 DI GPS Fish Finder


The Helix 5 uses a GPS chart plotting system with a built-in UniMap cartography that gives you highly detailed, full-colored 3D charts of thousands of lakes and rivers along the coastline of the United States. It is equipped with down imaging sonar that displays a clear view of what is happening under the water’s surface up to depths of 350 feet.


  • Comes with a built-in GPS chart plotting
  • Has the CHIRP DualBeam Plus sonar
  • Water-proof
  • Has Freeze Frame and Snap Shot capabilities
  • Also has SwitchFire sonar


  • Intended for shallow water use of up to 600 feet only


Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv


The Garmin echoMAP CHIRP 73sv uses its HD echolocation feature that gives you a versatile range of information for any given body of water, and also the location of any underground obstacles. It is loaded with LakeVü HD maps that give highly detailed freshwater information for over 17,000 lakes, rivers, and reservoirs in the United States.


  • Uses CHIRP sonar
  • Comes with built-in LakeVü HD maps and charts
  • Employs Garmin Auto Guidance
  • Equipped with Panoptix Livevu Forward sonar
  • Comes with a 7-inch color display screen and keypad control


  • The screen can become hard to see on bright sunny days


Lowrance Hook-4 Sonar/GPS Mid/High/Downscan Fish Finder


The Lowrance Hook-4 comes with preinstalled basic maps of US rivers, lakes, and coastal contours. It also lets you create custom maps from your sonar logs. The high-resolution display will let you see what is going on beneath your boat. You can also view sonar readings from the past, and lets you create waypoints so you can return to fishing hot spots. Its LCD screen is waterproof and weather-resistant, you can go to choppy waters without worrying that your device will get wet.


  • Has a high-resolution, 4-inch, color display
  • Uses CHIRP sonar with Down Scan imaging
  • Accurate GPS antenna
  • Comes with the TrackBack feature
  • Equipped with Advanced Signal Processing (ASP)


  • The unit doesn’t come with a cover


Humminbird Helix 7 DI GPS/Fish Finder


The Side-Imaging technology feature that the Humminbird Helix 7 has offers you a wider angle along the side of your boat. It gives you a clear view of everything that is happening directly below you. This fish finder is equipped with a compass that makes the advanced GPS give you real-time measurements with up to 2.5-meter accuracy.


  • Has a built-in accurate GPS with UniMap
  • Has Side and Down Imaging abilities
  • Comes with 7-inch, 800×480 pixel resolution, 256 color HD TFT glass screen
  • Equipped with DualBeam Plus down to 1,500 feet
  • Uses Switchfire sonar technology


  • The built-in maps lack detail


Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Fish Finder GPS Combo



Fish finders come in three frequency ranges—dual, single, and multiple—to scan and locate underwater objects such as surface features and fish. Simply put, the higher the frequency, the more detail will show up on your screen. The device sends out many more sonar waves that are received by the transducer. If you plan on fishing shallow waters, choose a fish finder that has a high-frequency transducer. If you are a deep water or commercial fisherman, choose a low-frequency emission as this will work best for you.



To get the best fish finder GPS combo, choose one that has a decent screen. This is definitely crucial as the screen will often serve double duty as GPS, fish finder, or even split-screen fish finder. It is probably the main reason you are planning on getting one. To see what is out there, clearly and with all the information easily obtainable and readable.

It is highly recommended to choose the biggest and has the highest resolution screen possible. This will let you maximize and use all the features optimally for a better overall fishing experience.



Fish finders come in a wide range of power output measured in watts (W). The higher the power a device has, the better and deeper the readings are. They give you faster results as well, so we recommend choosing a unit that has higher power output.

However, if you regularly do your fishing on shallow waters, you may want to choose one that has lower wattage.



One of the best advantages of having a fish finder with a GPS is that you no longer have to worry about getting lost. You can easily brave unfamiliar waters and still have that peace of mind that you can go back. Just make sure that the GPS capability of the device you choose is accurate. Otherwise, it is like not having any at all.

Also, it is very useful if the GPS can save your fishing history so you can easily go back to your favorite sites with ease. Another wonderful feature would be the preloaded maps and charts that can help you navigate your way and look for popular fishing spots.

Plus, as an added safety feature, some fish finders have GPS that can connect to your marine radio and transmit your exact location should any problem arise while you are out on the water.



For us, Lowrance HDS-9 Gen2 Touch Insight Display is the one that tops the best fish finder GPS combos on the market today. It has all the bells and whistles that you could ever want in a fish finder, and more. Some anglers seem to think that it is very high-priced, but in our opinion, it delivers a high performance, so it is worth every penny you paid for it.

A fish finder can certainly make fishing more productive and more enjoyable. And with a GPS feature, it becomes even better as the benefits are way too many.


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